A little piece of Venezuela


“El Arepazo closes late at night, their attention is very kind, and their fast serving is amaizing.”

After many years of hard work, El Arepazo restaurant was opened by Luis Vega at the well-known El Gordo’s store at Kensington Market, on 214 Augusta Avenue, with special working hours to offer its famous yellow arepas, which are unique in Toronto.

You only have to try one of these crunchy arepas, with any of its many options of delicious fillers to dream about them and come back for tasting them over and over.



Arepa is a Venezuelan dish, gluten free, similar to a flat bread. It is made from corn and is one of the favorites by Venezuelans, which is eaten at any hour of the day, at breakfast, lunch and dinner; even it can be a snack. For this reason, in Venezuela people say “Give us this day our daily arepa”, instead of bread.

This dish has luscious variations with their own names, like la Reina, la de Pernil, la de Chorizo, la Sifrina and la Llanera, which are tasted by meat-eating people; meanwhile, la Fresca, la de Perico, la Dominó y a Platanera are the favorite ones of vegetarians.

Among all of them, la Venezuelan is the preference by the El Arepazo’s clients, due to it is stuffed with soft chunks of beef, black beans, sweet plantains, and topping of melted Fresco cheese.

In conclusion, El Arepazo is a piece of Venezuela placed in the heart of Toronto, even its schedule is similar to there (In Venezuela, arepas restaurants open 24/7), because it closes late at night for offering you this delicious dish after your party. And for making it perfect their attention is very kind to you, and their fast serving is amazing.

Here their link http://arepazo.ca/


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